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Documentation for humans.

Verify hashes for your files.

A Zero-Knowledge Encrypted Text/Code sharing project.

A Discord Client modification with plugins. Uses BeautifulDiscord's CSS injector.

A GitHub action that notifies you about your website's carbon emissions.

A theme builder for the SHRP android recovery project.

Extremely Fast Static File Server.

An unopinionated user-friendly crystal init alternative.

An offline collection of online tools.

Import .dart files effortlessly.

libadwaita bindings for Crystal.

Automatically create Crystal JSON mappings from input.

A js wrapper for the Pixelfed API following the PHP one.

A crystal library to read from, pack into and extract from .asar archives.

A Discord bot/framework(?) for Crystal.

A Discord Bot that uses advanced image manipulation to create new images from templates in under a second.

Adwaita-inspired Discord Theme.

Corrupt your mp4 videos.

Automatically add people's pronouns next to their name while browsing Twitter.

A browser extension that creates a bridge between vscode marketplace and open-vsx.

A GitHub action that creates alternative accessibility options on issues and PRs.

Discord Rich Presence for Tanki Online.

Analyze Svelte Apps.