An offline collection of online tools

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This was my submission for the DigitalOcean Hackathon.

What I built

Argyle, an offline collection of online tools.

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Program for the People

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Custom Domain


screenshot of Argyle's main page


Argyle is a Vue web app + PWA that provides 42 (public) tools as for now. Tools are split in 8 categories: text, beautify, minify, encryption, compilers, gaming, time and other.

Link to Source Code


I often find myself wanting to do basic actions, like encrypting text with AES, when I'm away from my workstation. Usually, the first thing I do is search for an online tool. However, most, if not all, require an online connection (duh!) and execute your request on their server. This brings up a huge risk, privacy. With Argyle I wanted to overcome those, I wanted to feel secure when using a web tool, that's why Argyle executes everything client-side. Most of the tools don't even require an internet connection, allowing you to run it offline (hey! it also comes with a PWA)!

How I built it

Argyle uses Vue with Nuxt, allowing it to be a SPA without any hustle. This was the first time I made a PWA and I'm quite surprised with how easy it was! Initially I wanted to use DO app platform to serve it as static (since I already have a GitHub action that builds and pushes to gh-pages branch), but it didn't play well with the routes so I went with serving it using nuxt start.

Additional Resources/Info

DO app platform makes deploying web apps (especially non-static ones) super easy!