I'm Evan

About Me

Hi, nice to meet you! I go by GeopJr 🧙 online, but feel free to call me Evan or Geop.
I am a CS Student @ NKUA 🧑‍🎓 from Greece 🇬🇷 and have been in the space 🧑‍💻 for about 6 years, mostly as a freelance full-stack web dev & sysadmin! 🌐

What I do

Ever since I can remember myself, I've always been fascinated with technology and eventually grew up on the internet.
Over the years, I started contributing a lot to open source projects as well as create my own, from custom Android ROMs & iOS jailbreak tweaks to fully client-side E2E encrypted text bins (see Work).
Moving forward I consciously choose to use the (limited) power I hold to ethically improve the lives of the people around me, fight climate change, protect activists and human rights and create accessible tech for everyone.